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AllSport NJ is a climate controlled indoor sports facility located in Long Branch, NJ.

We are currently open for business by appointment only. No Walk Ins. Masks Must Be Worn and temperture scans will be done upon entering.

1 Hour Cage Rental - $40
1 Hour Facility Rental - $100

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Men’s Basketball Rules

  1. Game officials have final say on interpretation of rules and play. Site supervisor(s) have final say on player conduct. We will follow the current National Federation of High School Basketball Rules Book with the following exceptions.
  2. Players along the lane during a free throw may release when the ball leaves the free throw shooters hand. All other players (including the shooter) must wait until the ball hits the rim.
  3. Game time is forfeit time. Teams must have four players to start any game, including tournament games. If a 5th player arrives during the game, he/she may enter the game as long as they report in to the scorekeeper.
  4. All players must wear the same color shirts. Each shirt must have a readable number on the front or back.
  5. There will be two 20-minute halves. The clock will run continuously during the first half, except during the last 30 seconds when the clock will stop on all whistles. During the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will stop on all dead balls if the score is within ten points. Each team receives four time outs per game.
  6. If at the end of regulation play, the score is tied, an overtime period will be played. Fouls will carry over and each team will be allowed to use one time out. A jump ball will determine the first possession. The overtime period and game ends when a team has scored five points, this team will be declared the winner.
  7. No protests allowed, except for protests about illegal players. When protesting the use of an illegal player, a team must notify the league supervisor before the game begins that they wish to protest a certain player. A limit of one protest per team per game. If the player being protested is not on the roster, the game is an automatic forfeit. All players in the league must be able to furnish photo identification (driver’s license) if asked for, or game will be an automatic forfeit.
  8. Team captains may allow an opposing team to use a non-roster player(s). The non-roster players(s) become legal player(s) for the duration of the game.
  9. Players may be added to team rosters during the regular season until the scheduled fourth game. No changes will be allowed after the fourth scheduled game has been played.
  10. Reminder: Profanity, swearing or “trash talking” will be an unsportsmanlike-technical foul up to the discretion of the referee. Second offense will be suspension from the game. Players suspended during a game will automatically be suspended from the next game also. 
  11. Players suspended during a game may be asked to leave the building, or a forfeit could be called. Players will be allowed one suspension per season. On the second suspension, a player will be suspended for the remainder of the season.
  12. Teams will be allowed a limit of two unsportsmanlike technical fouls a game. Any technical beyond that will result in a forfeiture of that game. If this occurs twice during the season, the team involved will automatically be dropped from the league.
  13. All Sport NJ will continue its policy of “zero tolerance” where fighting is concerned. Any fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the game in progress and from the next scheduled game.
  14. Should a player threaten or assault a league official or supervisor, the game will be forfeited, the player will be suspended from all programs, and law enforcement will be called if necessary.